• Feature a hex body design.
  • Improved torque-out resistance.
  • Additional thread sizes and grip ranges available.
  • Also available in aluminum and brass. Call for availability.
Unit of Measure

Thread Size x Pitch

N/A M5 x 0.8

Grip Range

N/A 0.50 - 3.30 mm

A ± 0.38

N/A 11.05 mm

B ± 0.38

N/A 9.91 mm a1032.jpg

C Nom.

N/A 0.68 mm

øD Max.

N/A 7.10 mm

Hole Size In Sheet + 0.15

N/A 7.14 mm


N/A Uninstalled

Thread Specification

N/A 6H per ASME B1.13M

Standard Material

N/A Low Carbon Steel

Standard Finish

N/A RoHS Compliant Zinc Yellow Plus Lubricant

CAD Supplier

N/A PennEngineering® (Atlas®)